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Thursday, May 29, 2008

i'll take some test when i'm bored...

Take this test!
Whether you're taking the wheel, jumping into the back seat, or just driven to succeed, you make sure that — no matter what you're up to — the entire journey is a blast. So you need a car that's fun to drive! Extroverted and social, you're the type to seek out friends who will make you smile and are up for having a great time, just like you are. Even if the freeway is completely jammed or you take a wrong turn along the way, you'll bounce back in a flash.

Of course you also know when it's time to take it easy, but you'd rather exercise your right to have fun than let it idle. And you definitely don't need to pull out all of the stops to enjoy yourself. No one knows better than you that it's the simple things that matter most. So the next time you buckle up and take to the open road, you can't go wrong as long as you're sporting your smile. Life doesn't get better than this!

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