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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Happy Birthday Marianne!!!

Marianne is going to be 1 year older in few minutes.


So sorry that I can't celebrate with you (which I never really did), but still you know I love you right? I've been start thinking about your present since last year XP Seriously.

I can still remember what you did for my previous birthday. Like those cupcakes you baked with Ying & Ern, it was really sweet of you girls and I'm so touched that you girls spent your time just to bake them for your servant, me. Yes you're still my boss =)

But what I feel regret is that I didn't take much photo with you when I'm in high school. We know each other in that late time, but still I had a great time with you every moment, except when you're in bad mood *stop staring at me with THAT look* And the Missy Micey doo doll that I bought you for christmas, until now I still thought that is for your birthday -..-" But anyhow, I'm glad that you like it *I know you do, just admit it*

I never forgot everything about us. Unfortunately the time doesn't allow us to spend more together. But thank you for giving me such a great years, hope you feel that way too. I've got to be honest with you, you're the only one I do really care among all of my friends. Just like a little sister to me, which I know you hate that, but at least that's how I felt. I remember when we first met, I lost my voice and we communicate with papers, you asked me "You know my sister?" haha... That was so funny and it last for few days until I got my voice back. Then I know Su Wen and others from you because you always hang out with them. I'm glad that I got to know them in my life, they are such good friends and always take care of you aren't they? Or you're the one who taking care them? Hahaha...

I was worry, but you always not telling me what happened to you. I don't know why, whether you don't trust me or you don't wanna trouble me, or you don't want me to be worry, either way, I'm still treat you like my sister, a good friend. Do I sound like a psycho here?? Hahaha... That is just how I feel for you, don't mind ya? Honestly, I don't treat people like that because I'm not good in communicate with other human XP You're the only one I'm comfortable with, because I don't know what others are thinking about and that's what I fear the most. You're mysterious but yet I feel great together with you. No guessing, no bullshit, just fun and laugh. All the creepy ideas you have in your mind, it makes me laugh all the time. That's another thing that I admire you about. Such creative...

Remember the day when I walked you home? You were begging me not to look at your photo where it's on top of your piano. You played me Corpse Bride pieces, I was sitting on the couch and thinking when are you going to stop complaining about the award you got from school. But I do agree with your point though =P Remember the day you return to school after camp? I was surprised that you hugged me from the back all in sudden where I have no idea you were coming down from the stairs with Su Wen. That moment, I really felt that finally you remember that I exist in this world. That's really sweet when a friend suddenly do that to you. Remember the prefect prom night? Whenever I think about it, I'll smile from the deep heart. That was one of the best night I've ever had in my life. Urgh, those days huh?

Just to let you know, though I'm not around you anymore, but my love for you is still here. Whatever happens just give ma a call or leave a message, I never said no to you right? And thanks for everything you did for me, I appreciate it, more than you know.

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Happy Brithday, Marianne.

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