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Sunday, June 28, 2009

I thought it was all a dream...

So it's been 3 days after MJ's dead, we truly wish him RIP. You'll be in our heart all the time.

My heard for MJ's news was from a funny 'dream' I shall say. Because I'll on my Hi-Fi every night when I sleep so it would keep me company with music all night. So somewhere in the morning, I heard something about Micheal is dead or stuff that announced by the DJ, I thought I was dreaming on that time so I didn't really care or bother to wake up and find out what happened. Around afternoon, I was texting with my friend while driving to college, all the radio stations are playing Micheal's songs like mad. I thought there's must be something wrong with the stations today. What's wrong with all the radio channels??? Then we somehow talk about H1N1 and my friend tells me that MJ is dead. I was like huh? What? Excuse me? Am I looking at the wrong message or it's just my illusion? Maybe I should really get a spec now. But it's true! MJ IS dead!

So it wasn't a dream at all. The radion did announced that MJ's dead news while I'm sleeping and I heard it with my two ears very clearly. But the weird part is, I've also heard Kanye West is one of the victim of something about H1N1 -..-" I know. Weird.

After that I was stunned. Not because I'm his fan, but we've lost a King of Pop now. Though he acted weird since all the surgery thingy around him, but he was one of the best singer and dancer in the music industry. Who could really do the exact same moonwalk move like him? The unique of his voice when he sings, no one can replace him for any reason. Anyhow, all we have to do is just to pray that he's in peace now.

Life is really unpredictable, we should appreciate every seconds that we've spent and about to spend. So I just did what I wanted to do for long time ago today! What is it? I can't tell XP

Why is everyone listening to MJ's songs right now?! Just because he's dead? And why must we only listen to his songs when AFTER he's dead?? Then what about the time when he's alive??

And Larian Saujana is... errr... fun? Karen, you owe me. BIG time.

Everyone, to a great superstar. And our life =)

Oh oh! Did I tell you that I dreamed about Kris Allen teaching me guitar?!! HAHAHAHAHA... Yes I DID!

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