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Thursday, June 25, 2009


"Great Minds Think Alike" - Su Wen

Well, I would say Great Minds Do Alike too because we practically did the very same thing today. We were actually texting each other while I was stuck in a stupid traffic jam on the way back home. Raining make it worse...

We were actually talking about Taylor Swift (HAHA! We both are crazy fans I can assure you!) I told her that the radio is playing You Belong With Me by Taylor, it's a hit now because Taylor performed it in CMT few days ago. She was excited about it and replied me that the Should've Said No performance is the best. Because of the water fall and the surprise clothes changing on stage were amazing. Then I said I totally agree with her. Go search youtube, it's a really good performance. See, we think alike.

The best part is, she was doing oral today in school. She sang Love Story by Taylor =) Her teacher was impressed and actually like the song. Hope she did well there. The other hand, I was singing Crazier by Taylor too, for my presentation today. I performed the whole song just like Taylor did in Hannah's movie. Oooooooh I like the feel man! Even though I messed up some part, bur overall I think I did pretty good. Can be better but I was scared like freak and I almost want to cry out =P I never did this before and the audiences are my lecturer and classmates which I'm not even close with anyone of them, yet. But still, I like it!

I chose Hannah Montana movie as my topic, obviously I just change my mind at the very last minute because I wanted to sing a song and basically that's what I can do well on anything. So I just made something up and get to my song. I practiced it at 5am in the morning until 7am. YES I didn't get to sleep much today and I was super hyper! Last night, I told Su Wen that the movie inspired me of something which I wanted to perform my own song on stage one day. Yes my very own song which compose by myself. I DID it today! Not with my own song though, but I believe that my dreams will come true one day. We've got to have hope and faith right? Heh... So yea, the part that I messed up is because I'm freaking nervous and I don't have time to practice more on the song. It's not an excuse I know, but I'm trying to find one now hahahaha...

I will get the video from my friend tomorrow. Hopefully she upload it today and bring it to me. Ahhh today is really means a lot to me. I never felt this way before. I think I'm going to do it again, it's just a matter of time and depends on where and why am I performing. I like the feel when everyone sing with me. It feels like a mini concert and everybody can sing out loud. I FALL IN LOVE WITH MY GUITAR!

SuWen: STOP thanking me for the paper delivery! I don't wanna answer it anymore! And you were right. We think and do alike X) I Love You too.

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