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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

tHaT's WhY i HaTe To UpLoAd PiCtUrEs -..-"

Sorry Su Wen, i don't mean anything about my title =)
Anyway, here's the pictures which i took from sunday night Char Lie's some kind of CNY steamboat dinner.
The people who went:
Me *of course dumby*
Farn Yeong
Farn Ye
Jun Lim
Wei Chueng *sabah lou*
Su Wen
Qi Ying
Qi Ern
Xue Lin
Chee Hou
Cheng Han
Yee Ai
a girl and a guy that i don't know their name
and etc etc which i don't know and don't remember XP
Oh, i finally met your cousin Marianne... Chee Hing right?
Alright cut the crap, pictures time!

The 'food' we eat. Well actually i only ate a plate of rice with sausages =) Others 'sapu' all the food especially Farn Ye and Sabah Lou


We caught he lovely husband and wife washing the plates together in the kitchen

Peace(s)! Wait... Char Lie, you're giving the eff finger! o..O

Prefects meeting at night -..-"

Some 'pelacur' we caught! HAHAHAHAHA...

Guess who's this stupid hand who tried to hit the lion's ass?

The 'ham sap' lion kept chasing around with the girls

He tried to kick the lion's ass and i caught him. And THEN, the lion CHASED him around us! We laughed like hell and once the lion see me standing there taking picture of 'it', 'it' chased ME while i was listening YUI with Ying there! T..T kacau saja

The last picture we took before we went home. Timothy was out because the girls pushed the boys away.. But still, CHEESE!

That's all, nah Su Wen, sorry for the late post. But i had fun with you guys, when is the next time then? =)

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