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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


OK... Firstly, i don't really want to update my blog because i'm a bit lazy, alright fine, i'm VERY lazy to update. But now, i can't stand anymore! About the Avril's concert in Malaysia. Plus, at least something to update in here...
Whoever don't know what i'm talking about please refer to Shye Wei's blog or newspapers...

I mean, how could they do that?!! Postpone a rock star concert?!! NO WAY! I already bought the ticket and looking forward to it and now you're telling me this bloody news?? You all don't have your own idol? Don't mind me, what are they wearing then? Scarf from the head and long sleeves shirt and long pants? Maybe you need gloves to cover the hands until you can't see any part of the body except the eyes? Well you can wear sunglasses if you want. But what the hell?!! What are you guys were thinking? Since when you see Avril is wearing a bikini? Or short skirt that can see through or whatever? Do you ever see that before?! Do you?!! Go search google if you don't believe.

Bloody hell... I mean, you can canceled Beyonce's or fined 10000 ringgit from Pussycat Dolls but NOT Avril Lavigne! I'm not trying to be selfish here but, think about it. People said Malaysia is an open country, trying to catch up the others from whatever ways... But look at this! Malaysia will never improve. NEVER! FUCK the PAS! Fuck whoever giving this brilliant idea! I bet their idols are came from must-not-wear-sexy country...

No wonder Malaysia politics always fight. This is why the non-stop war keep going on and on. This is why Malaysian migrate to somewhere else but not staying in here. Who wants to stay here if there's no freedom to choose what they want to do? What will the people from another place think of us? Just because of the Islam then we have to postpone a concert for them, just because of the independence day we have to wait for another day to watch a concert. Isn't this unfair? No wonder Malaysia got so many parties... You know party? MCA, MIC, UMNO? Now we got PAS. Great aren't they?

Why do you think the clothes will not suitable for us? We wanted to see the real person not the clothes. We wanted to listen and enjoy the night with our idol, don't you get it? Half of the tickets are sold, if it's not suitable for teens then why do their parents let them to buy? And there's lots of adults bought the tickets too! How can you explain this? I bet your family members wanted to watch the show like us, but the only thing is you are the one who stop them to go. Think before you do, so-called Malaysians...

Pheeeew... I'm done with my anger now. But i do hope they will not cancel the concert, because postpone it is already a stupid mistake they have made.

Anyhow, i still can't wait for the concert! AVRIL ROCKS! Booo PAS!

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