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Monday, November 10, 2008

finally has come...

Few hours to prepare my very important war. And i'm still blogging -..-" Anyway, just to write down the feelings about this moment for myself to read in the future...
Nervous? Honestly not really. 'Cause i know i'm going to flunk my exams anyway. I'm always negative i know. I won't give any hope for it because i'm afraid i'll break down when i receive my results. All i know is try my very best even though i'm not going to sleep and just to memorize 2 history text books.
People said i'm always stress up myself. Am i? I mean who don't? It's just depends how you feel about this. For me, this is very important because it's the proof for myself that i did study, it's the proof that i can show to my mom that i did study and not wasting my time. Everyone says just do it and don't think about what will you get for results. Honestly how many percent of students can do that?
Sorry i bitched a lot here. I feel much better now.
Malay and history for tomorrow. Study hard girl study hard...
Well, i guess i better off now.
Good luck to all SPM participants, and to myself.

1 hour left to...........

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