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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines...


Just got back from mid valley with friends, not celebrate for valentines but we just plan to walk around and movie. They watched Eden Lake, a horror movie I guess? I didn't watch because I don't like it. But seriously, mid valley is a hit place to meet your friends, whether they're close to you or not, you can just simply seen any similar faces in every corner. I met Ann Na and Ann Nie, obviously what do you think they were there huh? Haha... Then I met Park Leng and Weng Ban, Sin Yee and her BF, Jie Hao and his gang, Pik Chee as well. Speaking of Ann Na, actually I have a feeling to call her when I reached there but I stopped, because I think she probably busy today, valentine's day ma... But somehow I saw her and her sis walking around. What a chance.
We ate dinner at YoYo Snack. Yea where else we can think of? We, I mean THEY talked about girls obviously, looking around to see some pretty ladies. But we also talked about some crazy stuff, I nearly choked.
Bought some stuff which requested by friends, but can't think of any present to buy for others. Sorry pal, I'm out of idea this year T..T Got vanilla ice-blended from coffee bean. Yes I know starbucks better, Su Wen. But it's near MPH, I lazy to walk to the other side XP
So this is my valentines day, every year the same. I enjoy being single =)

But still wish my friends couple friends Happy Valentines...

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