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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Acting strange...

Been sleeping in the middle of the night lately. My body told me to sleep but my brain just doesn't allowed me to. With all the music, games, imaginations and shit. Damn my brain just wouldn't wanna rest for a second.

The coming weeks is going to be super busy for me. Tom is going to work at the fair, me have to take care of his outlet my own. I'm afraid that I can't handle it. Imma everyday late to work, what more can help him to take care of it? It's a joke right? I hope it is. Seriously.

I must change. At least be punctual to work as my first step. Then, a chance to apologize. I need to prove to myself, and to other people, that I am capable to handle things myself. I am a reliable person and a trustworthy friend. I have to gain back my trust between them and I. Only time can change this matter at the moment. Not that I don't care, but I'll just let the time to prove it to them, about the real me.

To be honest, I do feel disappointed to myself. What a joke.

Just want to buried myself into music and think nothing.

Picture of the day

Yea I'm cute =)

I feel like we're being far apart away.

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