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Monday, September 05, 2011

Back to the old times =)

Watching some amazing goals from youtube felt so good. Excited, and reminded me about my youth.

When I was a kid, I used to watch football games with my father and brothers. Though I wasn't really understand what football is, but I enjoyed the goals and the moment they scream together. I remember the first FIFA World Cup I've watched, it was won by Holland if I 'm not mistaken. I remembered my father was talking with my brothers about Berkamp's goal. It is the clearest memory about my father with the family. Speaking of that time, David Beckham was the hottest footballer around the town. Everyone likes him and seems like he's the only one that everyone knows when comes to football games.

Of course, he's my hottest best footballer among all. Not that he's the only one who famous back at 90s, and he's the only one who can really play well and have natural talent plus potential in football. His free kicks and crosses were the best, and no one else can beat him even until now. I have a poster of him that hanged on my wall. The first thing you'll see when you enter my room will be his handsome face on the wall. My friends all noticed it and said I'm crazy. So what? Don't ever let me see you hanging Jay Chou on your wall then. It's crazy! You know.

When I watch the videos, I can feel the excitement and passion when he plays. His goals was absolutely no doubt, fascinating. All his free kicks bend, assistance, passing and goals, it's almost 100% accurately to be score once he got the chance and the right spot. He can determined really fast about how much strength he's gonna kick the ball and pass to his teammate, with 100% accurately. He's talented just the moment he born. He work hard for his fame and money, he played with his passion. He's unpredictably nice and handsome, not to mention having a wife that dressing him to be a fashion icon. Incredibly sexy body shape, tattoos, hairstyle and lot more. How amazing would it be if he's my dad? Nah just kidding. But... What if I am?

I miss the time when he wears the red jersey. I miss the time when he kicks out the ball and celebrate on the next moment. I felt regret that I didn't watch much of his games when he play for the Red Devils. Well... That's the time that you're suppose to missed aren't ya?

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