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Friday, June 20, 2008

teachers are always giving you surprises...

Like i said, teachers always like to do something that surprise you, well, let's say they'll makes you feel scary and... evil?
Guess what? Our class got spotcheck by teachers today. Yup, by teachers! What i mean the teachers are Pn.Latifah, Cik Lim, Pn.Norly, Encik Nasaruddin and Encik Azhar. They walked into science lab while we're having science. As usual, girls one line boys another, but En.Nasa brought the boys out to don't know where which left our girls inside. So Cik Lim asked me and Soon Ying check everywhere in the lab to rampas barang larangan. What we got is, liquid paper -..-" A lot of them actually... So there went to bodycheck the girls. Teachers are actually using the liquid paper to touch the girl's... err... You know where i mean =) Is breast la not the private part! -..-"
My bag got checked by En.Azhar, i mean, what the fuck? He's a man! How can he check a girl's bag?! Anyway, he took out my camera and showed to En.Nasa, i was looking at them so they ask whether is it mine, for God's sake of course i do say yes! You got a problem with that? Nah... I don't even dare to say that XD You know... I'm a good girl ^o^V
Got a handphone and a USB memory card reader, don't ask who's one, all i can tell is both are from prefects. Then they got into our classroom, more phones. Kesian my friends, but who ask you to bring phone to school? Ha! Padan muka!
Some more say what our drawer got lots of books and papers, 1 ringgit each book and paper next time. The school is really hungry for money -..-" But like a good girl as me, of course my drawer is clean ^..^V
We all stand outside of the class and wait for them to finish off their business, obviously, people will stare at us like fools. Especially there's 12 prefects which in the same class. As you can guess, kelas yang paling banyak pengawas everyday out from teacher's mouth. After they done, we know that the whole school will knows about this after recess. No secret can hide from the school, that is so true. The news spread as fast as wind, everyone keep talking about this, trust me, it was very annoying, everyone keep asking the same question and you have to answer them the same answer over and over again.
Yea, probably it's the first case for saujana, hardly will heard that teachers spotcheck the students themselves. Some more PK HEM and ketua plus penolong ketua disiplin together. Only our class kena, probably cause of the amount of prefects. It's always us who can point to, don't think this case is an exceptional.
Nothing else much, studying like usual, waiting fo the bell rings and school over. Skip choir, sorry ya Feh Fan, heh... Celebrate Shye Wei's birthday in canteen, her gang of friends plan some surprises for her. What meeting la, all fake one. hahahahaha... The cake.. EWWWWWW... It got ruined by us XP Kinda disgusting. All of us kena cream and all that. Especially Shiao Yen, kesian her kena the cake all over her face, thanks to Marianne =P
Went minum with Ivan and Alice, raining... Back to school, meet my friends, since it was friday and hardly meet them in weekend, i always stay back more longer to 'play' with them on every friday. So don't ask me why am i staying back until so late again.
Shye Wei's birthday retarded pictures on next post. Connection slooooooow... Stupid msn got problem again T..T

Happy Birthday Shye Wei, still left 1 hour to spend~

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