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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Now I Announce You... I'm BROKE!

Yeah you read it right. I'm broke =)

I'm in deep down trouble now. Something just happened for the first time in my life and I hope/pray/beg it's the last one. It's one of my worst say. I'm in hell.

Because of that happened, I have to stop spending out any BIG cost from now on. I even have to borrow money from friend. Yeah. Yvonne Kow Kar Mun is borrowing MONEY $$$ from her friend. Isn't that making the headline around the town?? Please forgive if I refuse to hang out with you now, I'm really really really really REALLY do need to save money and pay my debt. How I wish that never happened.

I regret for what I've done. My friends keep asking me to move on and look forward since I can't do anything for what just happened. I know they're trying to make me feel better and I really appreciate it. But when I close my eyes before I fall to sleep, those scenes just flash out here and there, it makes me feel worse. Why didn't I listen to my mom?!! If I never went out that day, everything would just maintain normal. I'll never forgot this day - September 4th. It's worse than I couldn't get a ticket for Taylor Swift & Avril Lavigne concert.

Ivan offered to help me out by money problem. How on earth can you get such a nice friend like him? He's always there for me no matter what. Though we had a big fight 2 weeks ago and almost end our friendship. I can't stop thanking him for lending me his money. And he keep saying what are friends for? He's my best man. But whenever he says that to me, I feel so useless. The more he say, the more I feel guilty and bad. Why am I always the troublemaker and my friends always cover for me? I won't say that I don't need help, but I don't ask for help. I mean, in those serious cases, like I did recently. FYI I don't even ask my mom for help. If it's not necessary or really no other way, maybe I'll ask. Well I guess in this case is exceptional. I already asked for help didn't I? Got the money from Ivan. See? Told you he's my best man.

I'd rather die in it. At least no one will ever care to settle down for me.

P.S.: Second semester starts tomorrow. Feels complicated.

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