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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Boring assembly, as usual. Then we've got informed that we're having another ceremah in dewan makan asrama. Gosh... It's always the same person who talk., the uncle Prof. Desmond Lee. Went in, sit down, teacher force prefects to sit infront, but do you think WE will follow the orders? hahaha... Smart. We didn't. Still sit at the back and do our english homework. Choy Meng and Hee Voon skiiiiiiipped the whole thing! Wonder what they did during that time -..-
Late to recess, Kok Fei they kept claiming want to have extra time to eat, so Kient Loong went to ask permission from teacher and she allowed us to eat after recess. So rushed to duty, SOMEONE complaint that i'm late T..T Nevermind, i don't like to explain much eventhough i have my reason. After the bell ring, the smart me, 2 waffles in 5 minutes, gao dim. But, still have to wait for the others to finish off their food. They really can eat that sloooooooow wei...
School over, changed clothes with Soon Ying in bilik disiplin, while Elizabeth was sleeping in there since she's sick @..@ hahaha... No she didn't see anything lar!
Met my boss and talked for awhile, went out for lunch with some guys, all blue shirts except me wearing pj. Like they are my body guards o..O hahaha... Ate lunch, bought papers for project, went back to school. Yellow house practice started, stretched and all that. They're suffering under the hot sun, but me, was skiiiiiiiiiipping all the things and do the attendance all those stuff. Unfair right? I know. What you wanna do with me then? hahaha... Should thanks to me because i help all your penilaian book! hmph!
Ha! The 2nd time i skiiiiiiipped the acara! heheh... Can't blame me right? I bet you don't like it either. At least me unlike SOMEONE, skipped practice and went to Su Wen's house play masak-masak, kena socks somemore! HAHAHAHA...
Kacau Tomato again, as usual... She hit me i hit her.We love to hit each other don't you know? And... Marianne told me, that Shiao Yen says she have 1 gf and 1 bf.
Gf = Brenda
Bf = ................................. sadly... it's me -..-""""
Chat with lots of friends through online, even now, typing this post. One of them is Pei Sak, guess what she told me? She stepped on a lizard! It's dead! She kept asking me how? Mom, sis and maid was not at home. hahaha... OK i skiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip some part of the conversation. I told her to pick it up and throw, with paper of course! And she kept yer this yer that. And i feel it's very EWWWW too. *YUCK* Pity her. Have to 'ta bao' the body and clean up the floor, alone.
So, today is all about, skip, skip and skip. But definitely not the old lady Emily's SKIP lar!

P.S: Emily, SKIP somemore lar! Like small kid like that! Har! Now become old lady already. Happy lor? hahaha...
To Marianne, or everyone, I. DID. NOT. HUG. THE. TREE!!! HMPH!

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