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Friday, December 07, 2007

sLeEpY? NO...

Welcome back, Marianne. Sorry for didn't chat with you last night because i'm not in good mood at that moment. Plus, i bet you are busy with blogging about your enjoyable trip...

Didn't sleep the whole night. Posting this in the morning, which is my first time. Don't believe? Then believe it. By the way, i didn't get enough sleep since monday until now. Why? Not sleepy? Can't say so but, when the time i close my eyes to sleep, my brain will automatically show up something that i don't wish to remember. Lying on my bed and watch tv, one channel to another, until the next morning then wake up. 4 days are gone just like that.
I don't understand why am i so stubborn. You told yourself not to think about it but you just can't control your mind and keep doing the same stupid things. I'm like attacking myself, with pointless. What for you hurt yourself just for a stupid bloody fool? And it's not worth for you. But sometimes, say out is way easier than do. It's way different and difficult.
I tried to cry, but there's no tear. I want to spread out my feels with unlimited, with no one knows. And there's only my room can fill up me and my depression...

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